From the organization we reaffirm that our activity, which seduces thousands of local people, has to keep dedicating a special attention to our neighbors.

So in order to improve our coexistence with them, we have taken some decisions we would like to share with you:

Improvement of the sound system
This year we are still working with a specialized acoustic engineering company. After many studies and technical tests, we have decided to install a new sound system which is able to reduce the sound impact besides keep investing on new specific acoustic materials such as fabrics made with absorbent material which installed on strategic points previously analyzed, will manage a good improvement on the absorption and dispersion of the sound.

Strengthen the sound control measures
We’ve also hired an independent team of two controllers so they can measure the noise on the neighborhood every Sunday to make sure these measurements are effective.

Make sure the zone remains calm after the event
When the event is over, we have a control team with the purpose of guiding the people from the FNS exit until public transport so we guarantee they leave calmly and respecting the neighbors.

Establish a permanent dialogue
Even though we try our best to apply the correct measures, the sound and its dispersion on the air is an inexact science where climatological factors, particularly the wind, may have a big influence. Thats why we have opened a hot line every Sunday so you can contact us and talk directly with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can talk any problem and we will pay attention to it and try to solve it. Brunch -In the Park has also a social and environmental compromise with the neighborhood.

Neighbors phone: 669 185 900 (Only operational on the day of the event)